Want a more intensive training program?

Our Board and Train program involves your dog staying with us on-site throughout the duration of their training. 

Each Board and Train program is customized to suit your dogs needs and your training goals. We understand that every dog is different, so we customize each program to set your dog up for success. A Board and train program is ideal for dogs with behavioural issues, and for owners who would prefer a more intensive training program. 

Depending on the behaviour and the goal of the training, the duration and cost of Board and Train can vary.  For a quote and timeframe, please contact us via the Board and Train contact form below. 

Please note: Food is not included. All food and medication must be provided by the owner.

We are NOT a boarding kennel. We only do BOARD AND TRAIN programs.

Board and Train programs can be useful for training the following:

  • Aggressive behaviours towards people or dogs (particularly dogs with bite histories)
  • Reactivity towards people, dogs, moving objects etc
  • General obedience and manners
  • Socialization skills with other dogs
  • Food/resource guarding
  • Anxiety/fear based behaviours
  • Leash pulling/lunging  
  • General focus work around distractions

Included in the Board and Train program:

  • FREE consultation at our facility prior to booking.
  • Hand over session at pick-up.
  • 2x follow up 30 minute training sessions to check in to see how things are going.
  • 1x free place in our obedience group class
  • lifetime support over the phone and via email

How to book?

If a Board and Train program is something you would be interested in, please complete the form and we will be in touch. 

    Board and Train FAQ’s

    Our price for Board and Train varies depending on the severity of the behaviour and the goals of the training.

    Prices can range from $1800 to $2800 for a 16 day stay. 

    4 week stays (required for dogs with fearful behaviour or aggression) can range from $3200 – $3500.

    Please contact us via the above contact form for a quote. 

    Dogs must stay for a minimum of 16 days to ensure we can make sufficient progress with the dog. 

    If your dog has fearful behaviour, or dog or human aggression, they must stay with us for a minimum of 4 weeks. 

    The longer your dog stays, the more work we can do, and the more improvement you will see. 

    The goal of the Board and Train is to desensitize your dog to their triggers, and to give them the confidence and skills to be able to cope and not feel the need to react negatively. Some dogs may never love playing with other dogs, or meeting new people, but they should be able to walk down the street without lashing out and/or practising unsafe behaviour. 

    You as the owner must also put in the work after the Board and Train is finished, in order to maintain your dog’s good behaviour. This is why we have an extensive handover session and offer ongoing support. We will show you how to handle your dog and set you up with the right skills and tools. 

    Yes, we do. 

    We work with human aggressive dogs, including dogs that have bite histories. If the aggression is serious, we recommend doing private training before booking a Board and Train to help your dog get used to the Rolly Canine team first. This reduces the dog’s stress when they stay with us.   

    No, all food and medication must be provided by the owner. 

    Dogs with any sort of reactivity or aggression towards humans must be muzzle conditioned. This is for staff safety. 

    Dogs with aggressive behaviour towards other dogs will also need to be muzzle conditioned. This is because your dog will be living near other dogs, and it allows us to make faster progress with the training. 

    Your dog will not be muzzled throughout their entire stay. They will only be muzzled during training sessions or when in close proximity to triggers. 

    Absolutely! You are welcome to visit and/or take your dog off-site if you wish. 

    Riley – Alaskan Malamute x Lab

    Meet Riley, a 6-year-old Alaskan Malamute cross Labrador who struggled with some pretty intense fear-based dog reactivity. Being such a large dog at 50+ kgs, it was crucial to get her reactivity under control to make her owner’s lives a whole lot easier. 

    Riley started off with our Behavioural Training, where we gave her owners the knowledge and skills to manage her and work on building her confidence around dogs. 

    Riley then came for a Board and Train program, where she stayed with us for 2 weeks to work on her reactivity. Within these 2 weeks, we managed to get her socialising happily with smaller dogs, and tolerating seeing larger dogs at a closer distance.  

    "Shaun and the team have helped our reactive dog Riley immensely. We have been equipped with a lot of knowledge which we now apply on our walks. Shaun has a very calm and logical approach to training. Each session was tailored to suit our needs. We also have done a board and train which we saw an immediate improvement in our dog. A big thank you to the Rolly Canine team!"

    Facility Opening Hours 

    Monday – Friday

    7am – 6pm

    Private training is available Monday – Saturday, with in-home sessions available on a Saturday only. 

    Private training hours are 10am – 4pm 



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