​With years of enjoyment with our own pets, and a dissatisfaction in dog harness and collars available locally, our search internationally uncovered JULIUS-K9® – a stand out range of dog products and accessories.

JULIUS-K9® has been one of the most successful companies in the European markets for various equipment and accessories for sport, service and families for more than 20 years. And during this time our company has become the leading brand in many countries. ​

Our products, as well as their design and production, by far meet the already very strict criteria of the European Union. The JULIUS-K9® team of researchers strives to take into account the smallest details necessary for a harmony between the master and his dog, especially during work. ​​
The new IDC (Innovative Dog Comfort) line, signed by the creator of the K9 products and very well received by the public, has been optimized to offer even more comfort and safety to the dog and the master.

​As well as offering a wide range of specialized items for canine professionals, JULIUS-K9® has also developed the All Time Light® technology , which offers both the master and the dog the best visibility possible to date. ​​

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