1 – on – 1 Dog Training

Are you having problems with your dog’s obedience and manners? New dog or puppy and don’t know where to start?

RollyCanine 1-on-1 Dog Training is a great option for owners who are looking for a more personalized training plan. This is beneficial if you have particular issues that you want to work on with your dog. 1-on-1 training is great for new dog or puppy owners who want some extra guidance.

Advantages of 1-on-1 Dog Training:

  • Focused just on you and your dog
  • Train at your home or local area
  • Less stressful
  • Flexible times and days
  • Customised training plan which targets specific issues 

Some common things that we can work on during 1-on-1 Dog Training:

  • Leash pulling
  • Jumping on visitors
  • Recall training
  • Manners around the house
  • Over excitement
  • Focus work in public
  • Crate training
  • General obedience
  • Manners with other dogs
  • Puppy training 
For dogs with anxious, aggressive or reactive (barking and lunging) behaviour please check out our Behavioural Training page.

RollyCanine is very family focused. Kids of all ages are encouraged to get involved in the training. The best way to bond with a dog is through play and training, so we like to get the entire family to participate!

Basic obedience commands covered:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stand
  • Stay
  • Leave
  • Wait, Come
  • Watch
  • Heel
  • Lead Training
  • Bed/crate


Our private training packages consist of 4x private training sessions over the duration of 4 weeks. These sessions are at a set time each week.

All of this training is done at your home/local area, or at our facility in Rolleston.

Duration: 4x sessions over 4 weeks 

Time: 45 minutes – 1 hour

Price: $500


Fuel charge will apply if you are more than 15km away from Rolleston.

Our maximum travel distance for in-home training is 30km, unless made by special arrangement (please contact us). 

We only offer in-home training on a Saturday. Monday – Friday training sessions must be at our facility. 

Cancellations: For information about our cancellation policy please click here

Training Hours

Monday – Saturday

10am – 4pm

"As new puppy parents, Shaun was a lifeline! We were struggling with a boisterous puppy who was taking over our house. After only one 1-on-1 session, Shaun’s advice around discipline and boundary’s instantly paid off. Jacks manners and behaviour improved weekly, and so did our confidence in what we could or couldn’t do. Shaun and Rolly Canine have made the first few months of having our new pup a far more pleasant experience then it started out! Thanks Shaun for the ongoing advice and being one of Jacks favourite people."
"Can't thank Rolly Canine enough for his help with my Basenji Hound! Has made massive improvement from being extremely disobedient and hard to deal with to an absolutely delight after 4 home sessions with differences being noticed by many! He has given me heaps of support and lessons to continue to teach! As well as strengthening the bond between my dog and I. 10/10 would recommend!"
"Shaun is amazing! We've just completed 4 weeks of 1on1 training with our 2 dogs and I'm so surprised with the progress we've made over such a short time. The dogs absolutely love Shaun and he is so patient with them (and us!). We can't recommend Rolly Canine highly enough!! We are so grateful Shaun, thank you!!"

Facility Opening Hours

Monday – Friday

7am – 6pm 


Private training is available Monday – Saturday, with in-home sessions available on a Saturday only. 

Private training hours are 10am – 4pm 



Unit 11, 25 Illinois Drive


New Zealand 7614 

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