We had 1-on-1 training with our puppies. I can't recommend Shaun highly enough! Claire. Read more reviews.

Shaun Whittle

Christchurch Dog Trainer

Whether it’s training for a new family member, or issues that have arisen over time, come and see Canterbury’s recommended dog trainer!

We cover any issue you may have, from lead behaviour, to different kinds of aggression. All breeds and ages are welcome here with us and all training is done using positive reinforcement methods such as food, toy as praise. Contact us to book and we look forward to being able to help you and your dogs!

New Arrival?

Owner training to give your new puppy or adopted dog the best start in its new home.

1-on-1 Training

A less stressful approach to training for your dog, covering all the basics.


We focus on specific behavioural issues like aggression, fear or anxiety.

Lead Training

Are you having problems with your dog on a lead? Do they pull so much you don't want to walk them?

What Shaun's clients say...

We saw her behaviour changes straight away!

Having owned a dog in the past that wasn’t very obedient, and having 2 young children, one with special needs we knew we had to get the correct guidance when we got our new puppy Stella. Shaun travelled to our home and we did the 1 on 1 sessions. Shaun encouraged our daughters to get involved in the training, and provided me with all the knowledge on how to kindly train Stella. Stella picked up the commands incredibly quickly and we saw her behaviour changes straight away! We could not be more pleased with the results after just a few weeks! After our 1 on 1 time had finished Shaun invited us along to his group classes, which Stella and myself enjoyed immensely! Could not recommend Shaun enough!

Amanda Schat

Would definitely use again

We had 1 on 1 training with our 2 boxer puppies. I can’t recommend Shaun highly enough. He is very patient with both the puppies and us. He included the whole family and made training fun for the kids. Would definitely use again.

Claire Harris

Very friendly and professional!!

Currently training with one of my dogs, Oscar and Shaun is excellent, so patient and doesn’t make you feel bad when your dog seems to be slow to catch on! Very friendly and professional!! Awesome guy!

Loretta Lee

Shaun is a great trainer

Our family of four had one on one training with Shaun & our new pup Baxter. It was great to learn how to teach commands correctly. Our boys who were not confident with dogs are now completely in charge when it comes to our puppy. Shaun is a great trainer and I would recommend him to anyone.

Annika Hawkins

A lot of patience

Max and Kharn have completed the 4 private sessions. Shaun was wonderful to work with and the dogs loved seeing him. Shaun has lots of advice and techniques to use, and no question is too stupid to ask. Shaun has a lot of patience with the dogs and humans. the goals. I have been to other dog training classes and always felt slightly talked down to, but not with Rolly Canine. He listens to what you want to get from the classes and helps you achiev I would recommend anyone to use Rolly Canine. If you love your dog and want to put the time and effort into gaining a good dog, then Rolly Canine is the best place to call.

Kirsten Diack

Great follow through

My dog and I completed one on one sessions with Shaun last week. My dog Mahlee and I both really enjoyed it, we worked hard and saw the results. Mahlee was a second chance dog, Shaun showed patience, persistence and was always encouraging. And he also gave great follow through. We have now signed up for group classes and we can’t wait.

Kylie Clark

What an improvement!

Just finished our 5-week course, what an improvement in my wee dog from week 1. So much easier to walk on the lead and so much more controllable around other dogs now. Highly recommend Shaun from Rolly Canine.

Sharon Hancock

Heaps of support

Can’t thank Rolly Canine enough for his help with my Basenji Hound! Has made massive improvement from being extremely disobedient and hard to deal with to an absolutely delight after 4 home sessions with differences being noticed by many! He has given me heaps of support and lessons to continue to teach! As well as strengthening the bond between my dog an d I. 10/10 would recommend!

Lexi Bliss

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Give Shaun a call on 021 335 935, email rollycanine@hotmail.com or complete the contact form below.

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