Doggy Daycare

To make a daycare booking, please click the orange button below and then log onto the customer portal. 

New Customer? Book a FREE daycare consultation before making a booking.

We provide a free daycare consultation prior to booking to ensure that your dog will be a good fit in our daycare group. The consult is a 15-minute chat at our facility and is free of charge.

New customers MUST book a free consult prior to booking their dogs in for daycare.

To book your free consultation email us at or fill out the contact form below.

Rolly Canine is now providing Doggy Daycare! We do not take it lightly that you will be entrusting your beloved pet into our care. Our goal is to provide a safe environment where each dog is fulfilled and has a positive experience.

Here at Rolly Canine, we believe that dogs are family members. We treat each dog as our own. Animal welfare is our top priority, we want each dog to have a stress-free experience filled with fun activities.

Dogs get to interact with other dogs as well as go on walks in the field, play games and receive cuddles from staff. Quality rest time is just as important, and we provide individual rest runs for dogs who struggle to ‘switch off’ in a group environment. 

Our staff are well trained in reading canine body language, as well as understanding that each dog has their own unique personality and play style. 

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    Daycare Pricing 

    $45 per day 

    $42 per dog for 2 (or more) dogs in the same booking 

    $42 per day for dogs that regularly attend 3 days+ per week. 

    Daycare Extras & Add Ons

    We offer extras & add on services which you can book when you make a daycare booking. These add on services will appear under the booking calendar when you make a booking in the customer portal. 

    Daycare Training 

    We can offer training sessions during your dog’s day with us. Common things we can work on are leash manners, recall and obedience commands. 

    $50 for 30 minutes 

    $100 for 1 hour 

    Nail Trims 

    $20 for any sized dog 

    General Information

    -All dogs are assessed to ensure their suitability for our daycare 

    -Maximum capacity of 38 dogs per day

    -No breed or size restrictions

    -Entire dogs are welcome, but no females in season

    -Dogs are grouped based on their temperament and play-style

    -Minimum age is 12 weeks old to attend daycare 

    -All dogs must be fully vaccinated and provide proof of up-to-date vaccinations

    -We use SAFE4 for cleaning which is effective at killing viruses including parvo virus. It is also safe for use around domestic animals. 

    -Shaun the owner has been audited by MPI and Worksafe in an animal workplace. Our key goal is to ensure your dog’s welfare is of our highest priority and of course having the best time ever! 

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    Daycare Opening Hours

    Monday – Friday

    7am – 6pm

    Drop off between 7am – 9am

    Pick up from 12.30pm – 6pm


    Rolly Canine is CLOSED for Doggy Daycare on public holidays and over the Christmas period. Thank you for your understanding. 




    Unit 11, 25 Illinois Drive


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